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Metal cutting and metal forming machines,
robots, automation, digital manufacturing,
auxiliary techonologies, enabling technologies.

Dear Exhibitor,

Welcome to the reserved area of online 31.BI-MU application form.

In this area you can book your stand confirming the data related to your company.

Please follow all steps to complete your request for participation.

We inform you that your registration will be considered valid only after receipt of the advance payment, as calculated in the application form.

For further information do not hesitate to contact :

Exhibition Secretariat 31.BI-MU c/o CEU - CENTRO ESPOSIZIONI UCIMU SPA
Viale Fulvio Testi 128 - 20092 Cinisello Balsamo MI

- MACHINE TOOLS, OTHER MACHINES, ROBOTS AND AUTOMATION (exhibit categories A, B and E) Tel. +39 02 26 255 233 - bimu.esp@ucimu.it

- TOOLING, COMPONENTS AND ACCESSORIES, METROLOGY AND SERVICES (exhibit categories C, D, F and G) Tel. +39 02 26 255 226 - bimu.esp1@ucimu.it
Stand requirements (without any engagement on the part of the Organizer)

  • ( <br /> Download here the data sheet and the form for booking "ALL INCLUSIVE" solution as per pdf <br /> <a href='http://my.bimu.it/Content/Template/ad69a296-a7f8-441c-aa02-ee5f4b9d8053/31BIMU%20ALL%20INCLUSIVE.pdf' target='_blank' style='color:blue;'>Click here to download</a> <br /><br />)
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According to General Rules Article 10, the participation fees are the following:

  • € 344 admission fee, Smart Catalog Services included
  • Participation fee 8% early bird discount by 15/12/2017:
    • € 203/sq.m for exhibition surfaces up to 200 sq.m
    • € 199/sq.m for exhibition surfaces from 201 to 500 sq.m
    • € 194/sq.m for exhibition surfaces exceeding 500 sq.m
  • Participation fee starting from 16.12.2017:
    • € 221/sq.m up to 200 sq.m
    • € 216/sq.m from 201 to 500 sq.m
    • € 211/sq.m exceeding 500 sq.m
  • Increase of 20% for stand with 2 open sides, increase of 30% for stand with 3 open sides, increase of 40% for stand with 4 open sides
  • Services fee:
    € 8.75/sq.m including standard stand cleaning, equipment of fire-extinguishers, installed electric power up to 10 kW, WI-FI connection in the hall, parking card, royalties due to performers of music or to record companies as per General Rules point 10.2
  • € 250 for each represented company (only for Branches, Agents, Dealers, Distributors)
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